Dot Arcade - 3 Full Color Games - Model DOT-001
What's Dot Arcade?What's Dot Arcade?

When a video game is distilled to its most simple form, what sorts of fun can be discovered? Dot Arcade answers this question in a set of 8x8 light dot games, each with a unique gameplay focus!

Included games are:

  • Mr. Snake
  • Dodge Club
  • Rally Driver

The TV and Wii U GamePad become your personal Dot Arcade cabinet, with stunning designs by featured artists. You'll find the Dot Arcade collection is easy to pick up, thrilling to play, and a challenge to master.

Compete with friends the classic way by taking turns or go global by sharing your scores on Miiverse™ … players everywhere will be ready to have a Dot Arcade showdown with YOU!

If you want to know more about the story of how Dot Arcade came to be, check out our Developer's Story trailer below!